Black Directory Business Audit With Industry Experts
The Black Directory has worked with hundreds of black owned businesses to help them solve specific business-related issues, turning weak areas into strengths as well as setting realistic goals and making visions reality.
  • 2 Hour Business Audit 
This is where you’ll get the best money-making blueprint that could allow you to earn your first big payday like your favorite online influencer has experienced. You’ll get an audit of your business inside & out, to lay out a plan to help you generate more revenue and to get you started executing and bringing to life your ideas that the world is waiting to PAY YOU FOR!
  • Pure Money Report
Custom built Business Report that will break down every tool & process needed to expand reach & revenue! You will no longer need to ask the question, What do I do next?
  • Pricing & Service Strategic Plan 
Assistance with researching and developing the right pricing model for your products/services. This plan will also develop a 7 cart system which will open up more opportunities for your customer to transact with you. This strategic approach will free up your time & boost your income!
  • Goal Setting
Take a deep dive into your vision to develop both long term & short term executable & measurable goals. As well as assistance with identifying key factors you wish to change in your business and personal daily action items.
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